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Why long term hold makes (more) sense !

As you know, we strongly believe owning, and carefully buying income producing real estate (without overpaying) beats the volatile stock market. While others panic in the wild market corrections we have seen over the last few months (due to Greece, Chinese stock market correction, Iran, interest rate cuts, ..) , we coolly collect rent month […]

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Mintzing Words with the OSC

The Ontario Security Commission (OSC) is a powerful agency in Canada. Since we as a real estate firm issue securities for our syndicated residential properties we have to follow security laws, specifically NI 45-106 and NI 31-103 . We do not yet follow OSC’s or the proposed national security regulator’s overreaching rules, as we are […]

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Watch Now! How You Can Own Apartment Buildings …Today!

Check out our latest video clip and gain a broader understanding of our business model, what we do, and how we’ve successfully created wealth for investors, just like you, for over 15 years!     We’ve also provided a few links below for your review! Our current investment opportunity Kings Castle LP Click Here Our proven Track Record Click Here What is […]

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Edmonton City Center will shine like no other in North America – $2.5 Billion Edmonton Arena Project Fly Though Video Unveiled

  Daryl Katz, team owner and co-developer of the Edmonton Arena District (EAD) made a rare appearance before journalists to reveal new details about a $2.5-billion mega-development that will transform four million square feet (including the arena) of downtown parking lots and one-storey building sites into what he calls the largest mixed-use sports and entertainment […]

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