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New mortgage rules: landlords rejoice and would-be buyers weep

The government of Canada over the last week announced a number of changes, incl. reporting requirements for SFH (single family homes) and tighter mortgage lending requirements. Because the Bank of Canada will very likely not raise interest rates – as it will make the currency artificially high, negatively impact stock market values and curb investment […]

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Quest for Yield – Canadian MIC Universe

We analyzed what a tightly regulated mortgage investment corporation (MIC) is and how to analyze one here on our blog a while ago. Feel free to re-read it if you haven’t done so lately. With ever declining yields it is getting tougher and tougher to get a fairly low risk, yet decently yielding investment vehicle […]

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Why long term hold makes (more) sense !

As you know, we strongly believe owning, and carefully buying income producing real estate (without overpaying) beats the volatile stock market. While others panic in the wild market corrections we have seen over the last few months (due to Greece, Chinese stock market correction, Iran, interest rate cuts, ..) , we coolly collect rent month […]

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