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    Acquire Undervalued Assets

    Locate under-managed, under-valued (and sometimes ugly) properties in growth areas of promising cities.

Prestigious Properties offers well selected real estate investment opportunities – from time to time, when available.

NEW OPPORTUNITY HERE which is a $1M raise to allow existing LP investors to exit at rock bottom prices in Alberta. Their need to exit prematurely at the very bottom is your opportunity. The opportunity entails a co-ownership of  a well located, fully leased, impeccably managed  120 unit apartment building with a super-low 1.46% CMHC mortgage, with a 12-14% annual yield target when counting cash-flow, mortgage paydown and likely value upside through inflation, rental upside, in-migration, lifting of Covid restrictions and a more buoyant Alberta market in a high-tech city: Calgary with the majestic Rocky Mountains as its backdrop and weekend playground !

Calgary 120 Unit Apartment Building

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Accredited investors or close business associates, friends and family of Thomas Beyer only.

$100,000 Minimum.

Not RRSP nor TFSA eligible.

Not a guaranteed investment.


Prestigious Properties, chaired by Thomas Beyer, is usually an Exempt Market Product Issuer, sometimes also referred to as a real estate syndicator or a private equity issuer.  We provide investments based on income producing real estate, typically apartment buildings or mobile home parks with city water in growth markets, or on occasion lucrative (but more risky) land development projects.

These investments were historically distributed as Exempt Market Securities, also referred to as Private Equity or Alternative Investments, usually through approved Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs) in Canada.

Prestigious Properties does not provide financial or suitability advice.

Please feel free to peruse our website, then please contact us or an EMD with any questions; or to learn more about what an EMD is please Click Here. Four EMDs used to distribute our Kings Castle investment offering: Triview Capital, Pangea, Ascendo and Royal Securities. We may use EMDs, new online EMDs or accredited investors-only for potential future offerings.

Kings Castle LP - Real estate investment

Previous cash-flow investment offering is NOW SOLD OUT  but this co-investment project in Calgary, AB is open right now !

We have listened to our many investors and heard from many: we want perpetual income, tax-deferred equity upside and low fees. Less overhead. Our last (now sold out) offering was based on a Central Alberta based mobile home park. This is a 120 unit building with a super-low 1.46% CMHC mortgage. Accredited investors or close business associates, friends and family of Thomas Beyer only. $100,000 Minimum. Not RRSP nor TFSA eligible. Not a guaranteed investment.


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Confused about where to invest webinar - Real estate investment

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Learn about our people, our business model and our experience managing real-estate assets for the benefit of our customers, incl this new exciting mobile home park opportunity

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Prestigious Properties Proven Track Record on Real estate investment

Impressive Results

Prestigious Properties has proven time and again that intensive research and property management expertise really does pay off.

We pride ourselves on our ability to take under performing rental properties to new heights, providing investors with cashflow, tax-free equity growth and professional management. So how have we performed? See for yourself. Download our 2000+ unit track record, over 15+ years, below

20+ Year Track Record with over 2100 Units transacted

Click the image below to watch a short video on how you too can start Investing in Alberta Real Estate!

Investing in Alberta Real Estate

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