Investor Benefits

We make real estate an armchair investment

Prestigious Properties provides an easy, low-risk yet tangible asset/investment vehicle that has the following benefits:

benefit No. 1

No inflating of going-in prices of assets, unlike many syndicators of office towers or shopping centers

benefit No. 2

Undervalued asset class (apartment buildings or mobile home parks) with significant rental and equity upside

benefit No. 3

Excellent Return on Investment targets with optional quarterly cash-flow

benefit No. 4

Proven, rock-solid track record:10+ years

benefit No. 5

Prestigious Properties share in the profits only after you have received your initial investment back

benefit No. 6

Ethical stewardship

benefit No. 7

Proven, experienced management team

benefit No. 8

Low soft costs/overhead – strong incentive to perform

benefit No. 9

Become a landlord/co-owner- without the hassles

benefit No. 10

RRSP & TFSA eligible