Welcome Letter



Thank you for your interest in wealth creation through real estate.

At Prestigious Properties, we offer our investor partners a path to wealth based on a proven and repeatable business model: rental properties in urban growth markets.

Become a Landlord – Without the Hassles (TM) !

We live in inflationary times with often wild & irrational swings in the stock market, and as such a hard REAL asset with income producing capabilities is a proven way to build wealth, if you own the asset long enough. Our team aims to deliver to you, the investor, a sustainable return-on-investment in the 8% to 12% per year range, with a portion of that as regular cash-flow which is quite doable if one follows our proven and repeatable business model diligently.

From 2005 to 2015 we used to offer LP based multi-asset investments but due to ever higher security regulations and associated syndication costs have switched to more focused opportunities such as our mobile home park package being offered right now for accredited investors and close business associates, such as this $1.5M offering on an asset in Calgary here. [ Now sold out ]

Invest With Certainty in Uncertain Times !

Today we manage and own assets exceeding $36M, with 177 apartment units plus 3 mobile home parks with over 180 rented pads. The secret? Hard work, due diligence, research, the right team, the right purchase, patience and the right execution with ongoing, continuous refinement!

Don’t wait to invest in real estate – Invest in real estate and wait (TM) !

Yours Sincerely,

Thomas Beyer, President

P.S.: You may enjoy to watch a few very short videos to put a voice to the face !

Video 1: What we do – my own view – CEO Clip

Video 2: Why do we buy apartment buildings (and not office towers or retail centers)

Video 3: Profit Centers in Real Estate

Video 4: Company and Business Model Overview

P.P.S.: I tried to pen many of the insights learned over the last 20 – 25 years into my book “80 Lessons Learned – On the Road from $80,000 to $80,000,000” that you can order at Amazon and soon, on kobo, iBooks and Kindle. For a preview of the book click here and to order a copy of your very own please visit the Amazon order page and enjoy!