Executive Team

Proven Leadership

Prestigious Properties is led by an effective group with years of experience acquiring and managing residential properties such as multi-family apartment buildings or mobile home parks. They are supported by capable staff who understand the need for careful planning followed by effective execution.

Thomas Beyer President Prestigious Properties

Thomas Beyer, President

Thomas founded Prestigious Properties in 2000 and it has since grown into a group of companies or limited partnerships with a carefully selected small group of associates or co-owners. He believes in turning under-valued properties into “prestigious properties,” for the benefit of investors, tenants and communities. He has an MBA from the University of Alberta (1988) and a B.Sc. from the Technical University of Munich (1986). He has been the president of two rental pool boards and has been on several condominium boards since 1997. Prior to 2000 Thomas was a software project manager, including 8 years with IBM. He has lived in the lower mainland in BC, in Edmonton, Calgary, Canmore in Alberta, in Toronto, Germany, and South Africa. He founded Prestigious Properties in the year 2000 and has transacted over $230,000,000 in real estate since – primarily apartment buildings, but also single family houses, condos, land parcels and mobile home parks. He is happily married with two adult children.

Thomas invests his own money and that of other people to create wealth for himself, his co-investors and for the communities at large through improved property values, better buildings, creative marketing techniques, better HR policies and more ethical tenant and sub-contractor policies.

He was also an elected director and the chair of the finance committee of the University Neighborhoods Association (UNA) for residents living on the UBC campus, providing municipal-like services for its 8000+ residents, for 3 years. He was a task force member of a financial sustainability taskforce jointly staffed by UBC and UNA to address financial challenges in the residential community due to the declining mill rates in Vancouver. He recently was appointed “member at large” for the UNA to continue to address these ongoing financial and governance issues facing 10,000+ UBC residents.

He has published the book called “80 Lessons Learned on the Road from $80,000 to $80,000,000” that is available on amazon or as three e-books with a foreword by Don R Campbell and is a co-author of another best selling book with Ozzie Jurock entitled “Real Estate Action 2.0” focusing on proven real estate investment principles that bring results.

He is also the lead investor and a director in a phased townhouse housing project in Oliver, BC called Oliver Landing which is open to investments via an OM right now.

Keith McMullen, President Property Management Division

Keith McMullen, President Property Management Division

With previous positions at Gateway, the largest property management firm in Canada, and Transglobe, Canada’s 3rd largest apartment building owner, Keith has the real-world experience to oversee this critical component of our business model. Keith is also President of the Calgary Apartment Association. Keith will focus initially on NOI and value growth for Prestigious Properties’ owned assets while laying a foundation for revenue growth by also managing 3rd party assets in 2010 and beyond. Keith and his team at Fireside Property Group manages ~410 of PrestProp’s apartment or MHP units and another ~1000 owned by other third parties.

Rick Linklater CPM, VP Asset Management

Rick Linklater CPM, former VP Asset Management & Special Situations – now advisor

Rick holds a B.Com from the University of Alberta, and has had a successful career with large insurance firms, private property managers and a publicly traded real estate firm for over 30 years. Rick joined Prestigious Properties in the fall of 2006 to oversee in-house property management and external property managers, initially full-time, now on a part-time basis or for special projects. Rick is happily married with two adult sons. He finds the right balance between expense control and value creation through revenue and NOI growth. Rick is based in Edmonton, Alberta but is frequently seen at our remote property sites to instruct, teach, mentor, control, listen and inspect.

Thomas has acquired his remaining GP shares in early 2021 and is not an active manager or asset manager of any PrestProp asset at this point in time, but Rick is available on a part-time basis to advise on special situations or new acquisitions should that be desired.