Painting A Picture With Numbers, The Story Of Alberta



We’ve heard it time and time again, Alberta is a prosperous province with a booming economy, but how do we actually stack up, numbers wise?

The Alberta Office of Statistics and Information has the answers:

  • Last year the population in our province jumped by 3.5%, which is triple the national average.
  • Average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the province sat at $1,190 in April of 2014.
  • Workers earned the highest average weekly wages in the country ($1.108.01) & 22% more than the national average (which means they can afford the rent).
  • Unemployment rate sat at only 4.6%, the second lowest in the country after Saskatchewan.

Alberta continues to be the major economic leader when compared to all the other provinces and the Canadian National average. That’s why we focus on investing our partners money there. Why would one invest anywhere else?

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