Case Studies

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Yorkton, SK Portfolio

The Purchase

Our Yorkton Portfolio was purchased between May of 2007 and September of 2009. We acquired a total of four apartment buildings consisting of 126 Units. The total purchase price for the assets was approximately $4.5M with $2.2M in cash.

The Sale

We sold the Yorkton Portfolio in 2011 for $7.771M with a $2.7M Vendor Take Back. Building values increased by 85%.

Apartment Building Investments in Western Canada

Castleview Park Apartments – Calgary, AB

The Purchase

Castleview Park was purchased in December of 2010. We acquired a total of 120 Units for $14.65M. As of April 2014, the rent collected for Castleview Park is approximately $130,000 per month.

Value Analysis

Castleview Park was appraised in January of 2012 at $16.6M – inline with our conservative 5 year value forecast.

In November 2012, we received a letter of intent to purchase this property from a REIT for $19.8M – in excess of our original 5 year value forecast.

The property was appraised by a third party in January 2014 for $20.4M.

Apartment Building Investments Western Canada

The Parks of Denton – Denton, TX

The Purchase

The Parks of Denton was purchased in the Fall of 2007. We acquired a total of 308 Units for $13.32M. The rent collected for this asset, as of April 2014, is $161,000 per month.

Value Analysis

The Parks of Denton rent collected has increased over 25% since the property was purchased.

8% revenue growth year-end 2010 over to year-end 2011.

2-3% revenue growth even during US recession from early 2008 to early 2010.

We anticipate holding this property until the mortgage comes due in fall 2017.

Multi Family Real Estate Investments Parks of Denton Texas

Discovery Village – Campbell River, BC

The Purchase

We purchased Discovery Village in September of 2008 for $4,290,000 and subsequently invested approximately $250,000 into capital improvements. We acquired a total of 65 Units in a conveniently located building.

The Sale

We sold the Campbell River property for $5.192M in November of 2012. This disposition represents a total equity gain of over $1.1M – counting both value created through time and improvements as well as mortgage paydown – in about four years.

Multi Family Real Estate Investments

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