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We pride ourselves on our ability to take under performing rental properties to new heights, providing investors with cashflow, tax-free equity growth and professional management. So how have we performed? See for yourself.

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Location Purchased Purchase Price Sold Sale Price Price Change Property Value Change*
Edmonton, AB 2002 $712,000 2003 $1,000,000 $288,000 40.4%
Edmonton, AB 2003 $1,200,000 2005 $1,475,000 $275,000 22.9%
Edmonton, AB 2003 $492,500 2004 $585,000 $92,500 18.8%
Stony Plain, AB 2004 $2,140,000 2010 $4,395,000 $2,255,000 105.4%
Edmonton, AB 2004 $1,900,000 2008 $3,900,000 $2,000,000 105.3%
Fox Creek, AB 2006 $730,000 2008 $1,350,000 $620,000 85%
Yorkton, SK. 2008 $875,000 2011 $1,592,900 $717,900 82%

* Property Value Change is ROI for the specific property, excluding tax, closing costs, commissions, management fees and equity/profit splits. Because these assets are part of active or closed pooled (LP) investment opportunities we chose an asset ROI as opposed to a LP ROI to isolate the various assets an LP usually contains. The asset ROI is typically higher than the LP ROI as the LP has management fees, overhead, and equity/profit splits. Past performance is not a guarantee for future success .. but a look at the past might help you decide if you wish to invest with a winning team! Please read our offering memorandum carefully. Eligibility rules apply – depending on province.

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