Invest With Us – Options

Three Convenient Investment Options to choose from

No two investors are the same. You may be very young and ready to invest for the long-term, very wealthy, just your average income earner, or at a point in your life where your primary interest is in attaining annual cash flow while preserving your nest egg. At Prestigious Properties we understand, and that’s why we create different investment vehicles to choose from.

1 – Limited Partnership (LP) across multiple assets

This was our most common investment offering which is distributed to investors through an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD). Essentially, funds are raised from numerous investors who will share in a group of properties, cash-flow and equity appreciation or value creation though a legal structure called a Limited Partnership (LP). The minimum investment amount then was $10,000 (2 units @ $5,000) with larger investments made in $5,000 increments. Kings Castle LP was our latest offering open for investment. This provided even the most savvy real estate investors with an RRSP and TFSA eligible investment option.

These investments, such as LP4, Prism A or Kings Castle LP, are now closed for new investments, and are now being impeccably managed for maximum investor ROI over the next few years.

At the moment we are NOT offering this multi-asset LP option.

2 – Specific Project, usually shorter in duration

Since we have a lot of deal flow, are well connected in real estate circles and have been in business for over 20 years, we often come across opportunities that are excellent. They maybe mobile home parks, re-development projects, foreclosures, land development projects or construction projects. These may or may not be RRSP eligible, and may or may not be available to all investors.

The previous two Mobile Home Park Opportunities with a perpetual 14%+ target yield (and 8% cash on cash annual target yield, paid monthly on one of the two opportunities) is an example of such investments. These are now also SOLD OUT.

We currently offer this new opportunity HERE which is a $1.5M raise to allow some existing Prism A and Kings Castle LP investors to exit at rock bottom prices in Alberta. Their need to exit prematurely at the very bottom is your opportunity.

The opportunity entails a co-ownership of up to 22.96% of  a well located, fully leased, impeccably managed  120 unit apartment building with a super-low 1.46% CMHC mortgage, with a ~40% yield target over the ownership period to spring 2016 when counting cash-flow, mortgage paydown and likely value upside through inflation, rental upside, in-migration, lifting of Covid restrictions and a more buoyant Alberta market in a high-tech city: Calgary with the majestic Rocky Mountains as its backdrop and weekend playground !

Click HERE for more details !

120 Unit Apartment Building in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Eligible investors can invest up to $2500


accredited investors over $2500


via the EMD Atlas One Digitial Securities Inc.

Not RRSP, RESP nor TFSA eligible.

Not a guaranteed investment.

3 – Major Partner Institution or High Net Worth Individual

Investment terms can be set to meet the unique requirements of institutional investors and individuals with a high degree of personal net worth. The minimum investment for this option is usually more than $2,000,000.

The investor signs one document up front, and all paperwork is taken care of. Prestigious Properties will work with a set of banks to offer pre-approved, low rate, up to 75% (or even 85% in some cases) mortgages. Will send monthly statements and will take care of all property management issues.

It may be an investment in one building or many buildings, exit options are flexible, as are cash-flow arrangements. For instance, it might be prearranged to take equity out after a certain period, then refinance and hold longer term. The Major Partner option allows for customized arrangements to achieve the right balance of short term gains and security, or long term equity growth with an eye on cash-flow. Contact us directly please, as this is best discussed on the phone, or in person.