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New mortgage rules: landlords rejoice and would-be buyers weep

The government of Canada over the last week announced a number of changes, incl. reporting requirements for SFH (single family homes) and tighter mortgage lending requirements. Because the Bank of Canada will very likely not raise interest rates – as it will make the currency artificially high, negatively impact stock market values and curb investment […]

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Real Estate: A Three-Course Meal

  Real estate is like a three course meal. The appetizer is the positive cash flow, always appreciated but not required (because breaking even is okay too). The dessert is the equity appreciation; like an appetizer it is always appreciated but not required for a meal or wealth creation. The main course is the mortgage pay down, month after month. […]

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Baby Boomers Struggle to Retire in the ‘Financial Repression Decade’

Feeble returns for baby boomers seeking income are extremely low on the safest investments such as bank deposits and fixed-income securities. The current low interest rate environment represents a “financial repression” transferring money from savers to borrowers, such as real estate investors. Unlike these “classic investments”, did you know real estate is a great alternative […]

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