REIN Blog 10,000 – Why are some folks more successful than others ?

As you may know, I blog a lot, primarily on the REIN knowledge sharing website myreinspace. I just added my 10,000th blog post in slightly over 7 years. Wow. 7+ years .. 1400/year on average .. so about 4 a day on average. Quite doable. Some time and lots of desire to share knowledge.

I was pondering what to write about this special blog entry. So I thought I would talk briefly about success: why are some folks with seemingly similar skills, similar bank account depth and similar state in life more successful than others?

I wrote about this in my book “80 Lessons Learned on the Road from $80,000 to $80,000,000“, specifically in the lesson under risk, as taking appropriate risk differentiates you from others and gives you a chance to be potentially more successful. What are some of the other issues ? I can think of four (but there may be more as it is a blog and you can add your own opinion):

Besides appropriate risk taking four things have to line up for your success:

  • Aspiration: your desire, your intention, your motivation to want
  • Capability: your ability to actually do it
  • Opportunity: the actions you take to find life situations or to create them and/or specific tasks to be done or a person to meet in a certain moment of time. Opportunity is not always there but when it is there one has to have the ability to perceive it (i.e. awareness) and then act upon it.
  • Time: spent on it, as nothing happens automatically and your capabilities usually grow with time applied to it

I have further elaborated on each of these four topics here on myreinspace so you can add comments or questions if you wish, or perhaps add 3 or 4 as this list is by no means exhaustive.

Happy New Year 2015. May this be a successful one for you.

Are more than these 5 ingredients required for success ?

To your success – Thomas

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