Edmonton’s “Industrial Heartland” thriving through downturn

Imperial_Oil-Photo-Credit-Ryan-JacksonBY DAVID HOWELL, EDMONTON JOURNAL JANUARY 22, 2015

Billions of dollars in active and pending construction projects in the Industrial Heartland region will help offset the downturn in other parts of Alberta’s energy sector, a business audience heard Thursday.

“With shovels in the ground or shovels we expect to be in the ground this year, there is over $16 billion in announced projects,” said Neil Shelly, executive director of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association.

“So I think when we look at the Alberta economy, what we’re doing in this region really helps to diversify the economy. It helps counteract some of the layoffs and the cutbacks up in the Fort McMurray area.”

Shelly and other speakers gave updates on activity in the Heartland region to more than 500 people at an annual stakeholders’ luncheon at the Expo Centre.

Companies in the industrial region east of Edmonton are positioned to weather the current downturn, Shelley said.

“If we take a look at cumulatively what’s happening with the Heartland region, and what’s happening for 2015 and pending for 2015, it’s getting to be a very busy area,” he said.

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