BC voters vote for prosperity, jobs and safe passage of oil – benefitting BC and AB immensely !

The recent Liberal win in BC – despite numerous predictions of an NDP sweep – will substantially improve the overall investment climate in BC and AB !

This is very good news for AB and BC real estate investors or landlords like us !

The “three ladies” Danielle Smith ( possibly the future Premier of Alberta), Allison Redford (current Premier of Alberta) and Christy Clark, Premier of BC will eventually figure out a way to move oil safely to the BC Coast, either via an expanded Kinder Morgan pipeline, or via Northern Gateway, or both.

Alberta oil would have moved anyway, but more costly, and away from BC without any economic spinoff for BC (say via Alaska, or Seattle, or E-Canada or Manitoba, on rail or pipelines)

It will allow BC to collect huge tolls, create huge tax revenues and massive # of jobs. By paying off and/or involving First Nations, too, it will generate large amounts of needed cash for northern communities as well as BC’s cash strapped coffers. It will be a big win/win for AB and BC if they work together proactively, as clearly BC voters haven chosen “jobs” and “the economy” over ideology (tar sands are bad, global warming is an imminent threat, no to any expansion no matter how safe, being green means no development, etc.)

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