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    Acquire Undervalued Assets

    Locate under-managed, under-valued (and sometimes ugly) properties in growth areas of promising cities.

Prestigious Properties offers well selected real estate investment opportunities – from time to time, when available.

Please note: At the moment our investment opportunity is available for accredited investors with a minimum investment of $10,000.

Prestigious Properties, chaired by Thomas Beyer, is usually an Exempt Market Product Issuer.  We provide investments based on income producing real estate, typically apartment buildings in growth markets, or land development projects such as our current project in Cold Lake.

These investments are distributed as Exempt Market Securities, also referred to as Private Equity or Alternative Investments, usually through approved Exempt Market Dealers (EMD) in Canada. Prestigious Properties does not provide financial or suitability advice. Please feel free to peruse our website, then please contact us or an EMD with any questions; or to learn more about what an EMD is please Click Here. Four EMDs currently distribute our Kings Castle investment offering: Triview Capital, Pangea, Ascendo and Royal Securities.

Kings Castle LP - Real estate investment

Our offering is available to accredited investors, but not to eligible investors

Kings Castle is our current limited partnership (LP). It is an investment into carefully selected residential communities and land for development with asset values approaching $30M. This asset base is now being managed for maximum value for past investors, but is now closed for new investments to eligible investors which require an expensive to update offering memorandum. It is still open for accredited investors.

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Confused about where to invest webinar - Real estate investment

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Learn about our people, our business model and our experience managing real-estate assets for the benefit of our customers.

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Prestigious Properties Proven Track Record on Real estate investment

Impressive Results

Prestigious Properties has proven time and again that intensive research and property management expertise really does pay off.

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