The Heights at English Bay

Expression of Interest

I understand and acknowledge the following:

I am interested in an investment opportunity in Phase 1 of The Heights at English Bay project (the “Project”). I have funds available to acquire a lot or lots on or before July 2015.

  1. This Expression of Interest is not to be construed as a solicitation of funds on your part.
  2. You are not marketing the lots or offering the lots for sale with respect to the Project as that can only be done after filing a disclosure statement and I am not acquiring a right to purchase a lot or lots with respect to the Project by signing this Expression of Interest.
  3. I am not committing to paying any funds to you or any third party.
  4. Although you are under no obligation to do so, please keep me advised if suitable investment properties come to your attention.
  5. In the event that you are able to introduce me to an investment opportunity which is of interest to me:
    1. I will be solely responsible for evaluating the merits of any such opportunity as well as its appropriateness to my specific financial circumstances; and
    2. The decision whether or not to proceed with any such opportunity will be mine alone and I will not hold you responsible for that decision in any manner.
  6. I recognize that your time and efforts are valuable and I agree to promptly notify you in the event my interest or intentions change.
  7. For the purpose of securing financing for real estate acquisitions I wish to work with institutions and brokers operating at a high standard of integrity.
  8. Please provide to me a copy of the disclosure statement and purchase contract with respect to the Project once it has been filed with the provincial regulatory bodies.

The Heights at English Bay

Disclaimer: The foregoing is not intended to be an offering for sale whereby you acquire a right to purchase a lot or lots in the project, as such an offering can only be made after filing a disclosure statement. E&OE