Quest for Yield – Canadian MIC Universe

We analyzed what a tightly regulated mortgage investment corporation (MIC) is and how to analyze one here on our blog a while ago. Feel free to re-read it if you haven’t done so lately. With ever declining yields it is getting tougher and tougher to get a fairly low risk, yet decently yielding investment vehicle these days. REITs are some decent ones. Direct (or syndicated) income producing real estate asset ownership is another. Mortgages, either by themselves, or in a pool, via a MIC is another.

A fairly thorough, even more detailed, overview of both private and public MICs for Canada is here,  although this Fundamental Research report too is almost 2 years old from 2014, and most yields today (as of summer 2016) are 1-2% lower.

Enjoy !

We will make available elsewhere our conclusion where we will place some $s looking at liquidity, risk and yield.